The summer period is a good time to go on vacation in Biarritz and take advantage of the graces of nature, the beach and the good weather for sunbathing. This city enjoys a good rate of sunshine to enjoy an ideal setting to appreciate the flora and fauna. But in reality, what are the places where you can find accommodation.

Holiday apartments at attractive prices

You can find a wide range of Biarritz rental property that will suit your tastes. No matter what the purpose of your visit to Biarritz is, you will be satisfied not only in terms of quality, but also price. Whether you are there for a sporting (surfing) or tourist vacation, there are many apartments available to you. These houses are often located by the sea or in the city center.

You will find many apartments priced between € 529 and € 655 per week. 100m from the main beach, a magnificent studio opens its doors for a weekly rate which varies between € 374 and € 493 depending on the services. You can also find beautiful accommodation with garden and terrace, near the sea for an exceptional amount of € 595 per week in Biarritz. This residence can accommodate three people and is located in the Saint-Charles district.

Irresistible residences and villas at affordable prices

You can sleep at VILLA SOEUR THÉRÈSE which is located only 300m from the beaches. This charming villa is well equipped and very comfortable with two beds, a studio. You can also treat yourself to a stay in Residence Minjongo 2 or at Residence Victoria Surf 211. These residences are truly magnificent and have really well appointed rooms. They have a very distinguished studio and all the sanitary facilities.

The Residence Victoria Surf 703 is also a contemporary accommodation which can allow you to be comfortable for your holidays in a truly idyllic setting. You can also enjoy a bedroom and sleep four in the brand new T1 bis STANDING STUDIO or also in the Jaizquibel residence. You can also enjoy the Residence Victoria Surf 1004 which offers very affordable prices for accommodation by the ocean. P&V Haguna and Salombo accommodations are also irresistible corners. These charming residences are close to shops so you can do your shopping quickly so you can satisfy your children on time.

The Résidence Henri IV 202 and the little Alcedo cocoon are also places very popular with the public. Their proximity to the beach brings them added value. The Arcadian Gardens and CLOS DES FRÈRES are also excellent places to stay at attractive prices. In Biarritz, there is no shortage of low-cost accommodation, but you have to choose accommodation to your taste and convenience.

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