Glamping: originality and comfort in an ecological campsite in Auvergne

In Auvergne, camping combines luxury and nature to give birth to glamping. This concept places you in the heart of lush vegetation, in an equipped and luxurious mobile home. For a change, you can opt for unusual accommodation such as high-end cabin or Mongolian tent. In glamping, your stay in Auvergne will allow you to recharge your batteries in one of the most beautiful regions of France. The atmosphere will be there. Many activities await you on site.

Did you say glamping?

Glamping is a real fashion phenomenon. This outdoor tourism package combines glamor with the very basics of camping. It's about camping in an exceptional location in the heart of a natural setting. The location, orientation and construction materials of your mobile home are chosen with care. Above all, your accommodation will be environmentally friendly. Whether it is a cottage, chalet or cabin, the rental fits into the natural setting. The signs of modernity are discreet to let you enter into communion with nature. The vehicles are parked on the fringes of a complex of several hectares so as not to spoil the picture. There will be no visual pollution or engine noise, let alone exhaust fumes. Inside your rental accommodation, you will appreciate the refined furnishings, soft lighting and classy decoration. The glamorous touch is everywhere, down to the smallest detail.

Unusual accommodation at your disposal

With glamping in Auvergne fashion, you can choose between the classic mobile home or unusual accommodation. If you want an exceptional holiday, glamping France in Auvergne is the opportunity to stay in a cabin perched in the trees. Yes, this childhood dream will come true in Auvergne. You can imagine yourself as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. In any case, your accommodation offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.
The trailer is another type of accommodation popular with glamping fans. This gypsy car has all the comforts of a hotel room. It even has an indoor toilet and good insulation. That said, tents are best suited if you are coming with your family. They come in several categories. It is possible to have a model large enough to accommodate 5 or more campers. This is the case with the Lodge tent and its three beds. Then there are even more unusual formulas such as the bubble house.

Campfires and other outdoor activities

In glamping, you are invited to reconnect with basic pleasures. Forget the Internet and cable channels for a while and experience the campfire atmosphere. Enjoy the joy of songs sung with friends you meet there. The rental companies have thought of everything to get you in the mood. There is the Norwegian candle and its subdued light. If you are more of the type who enjoys a peaceful aperitif, relax! You are in the right place. Your host invites you to relax on the terrace of your cottage. The staff will serve you the hotel's signature cocktail. Various other outdoor activities are to be explored during your glamorous camping trip. Being in Auvergne, you will not be able to resist aquatic pleasures such as canoeing or kayaking. Hikers will have the opportunity to visit countless tourist sites. Le Puy en Velay, the volcanoes of Haute-Loire and other wonders await you.

To enjoy a cheaper stay

Although glamping is relatively new, this concept continues to gain followers. It attracts not only campers, but also those who are used to vacationing in 5 star hotels. Indeed, today, they know that it is possible to book in a glamping luxury accommodation with upholstered furniture. Finally, it's important to note that glamping also means getting used to affordable luxury. Yes, this high-end version of the campsite respects the environment, but also offers cheaper rates compared to those of high-end hotels. So, no longer be afraid to opt for camping, because the glamping offers are there to satisfy your need to be close to nature, and your desire to live in a comfortable and luxurious environment, without doing too much. hurt your budget.


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