The options you have on a Greek holiday

Staying in Athens, party on the Island of Eubée or sailing on the Greek islands by doing a yacht charter greece, holidays in Greece take place in every way ... But not without the tricks of our specialists! They can tell you everything you can do to find a cheap flight to Athens or an all-inclusive stay and visit Greece at the best price.

The Peloponnesus, a legendary place!

First stop: a peninsula nestled in the heart of Continental Greece, remarkable for its abundance of historical, ancient landmarks, villages of character, castles and landscapes with the wild beauty. This is here that you can have an appointment with the major archeological remains of former cities of Sparta, Corinth, Olympia, Mycenae, and Argos. As well as the prominent temples of Apollo Epicure and ancient Epidaure theater. You can also find authentic towns and villages such as Angos, Nafplio and Pyrgos, but also nice seaside resorts such as Nauplie and Kalamata. With outstanding natural landscapes: beaches, forests , mountains, caves, rivers ... The Piloponnese will please all the visitors, whether they are fervent of biking, passionate of history and mythology or lovers of swimming and hobby.

The Chalcidice, the "False Paradise of Greece"

Located on the north coast of Greece and bordered by the Aegean Sea, the Chalcidique Peninula – the birthplace of the Aristotle philosopher – offers 550 km of paradisiacal beaches, turquoise seas, hidden coves and woods ... The peninsula is divided into three sections: Cassandra, Sithonia and Atke (housing Mount Athos monasteries therefore only reserved for men). The beaches are known for their names like Kavouropetrès, Karydi and Nikiti. Chalcidique will seduce families and couples for swimming holidays as well as water sports and surfing enthusiasts both in the spring and the middle of summer. There you can also visit picturesque villages and outstanding places, such as the Petralona cave in Cassander. Eventually, the Chalcidique is renowned for its vibrant night life and its touristic facilities: golf clubs, spas, beach bars, taverns...

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